Saturday, December 22, 2007

Here is some good news~!

Drum roll please....
Our first official featured art-monkey for Dr. Sketchy's Philadelphia is none other than the fabulous Miss Andrea Grigoropol! Congratulations Miss Grigoropol! ;)
You will be featured on our blog until you have been de-throned by January's featured art-monkey! (awwwww!) All kidding aside, your piece really caught our attention and we are proud to feature your beautiful piece on our site!

It was so hard to choose...there were so many fantastic pieces submitted. Keep 'em coming!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kate and I went Hiking today!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hey y'all! I'm taking it easy in AZ! My good friend Kate Niazi lives here. She is a bad ass on drums! I visited the Phoenix Art Museum. They had a special exhibit on some grafitti clothing. I wasn't too crazy about it.

Stephen Sprouse, 2000.
Cotton knit printed with Andy Warhol image of Jean Michel Basquiat.
Lent by Mr. Todd Allen Bundy.
I went to the Heard Museum which is only a few blocks away from the Phoenix Art Museum. I learn a lot about Native American culture there. They had a special exhibit that I really enjoyed called "Life in a Cold Place." Here is one of the many pieces of art i love from that show....

Autumnal Owl (1999)
Artist: Kenojuak Ashevak
Medium: Stonecut
Size: 61 x 77 cm
I also found out that my special "magic ring" that I always wear is a piece of work from the Zumi tribe. It was nice to find that out, since no one ever told me. I got it at a flea market in New Jersey.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

At the Guggenheim in New York the current exhibit is about Richard Prince.

Richard Prince
Untitled (Upstate), 1995-99
Ektacolor photograph, 40 x 60 inches
I found this exhibition to be very exciting, because I have seen is art on one of my favourite Sonic Youth album "Sonic Nurse".
I just went to Manhattan to see Robert Pollard's art show. You know, the guy from Guided by Voices. I went with DVN and here he is at Times Square wear and posh black hat that cordinates with is black jacket.!
Here I am with a look straight out of Parisian romance.

When we got to the art show, we pretty impressed~!

I never thought of displaying art on music stands!